The IMA summer program will be held at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, July 18-August 4, 2016. The conference will be held in room 1420, a new LEEP2 active-learning classroom at the School of Engineering. This state-of-the-art active-learning classroom includes at each table multi-media hookups for laptops and other electronic devices; an ELMO projector for teams to share their work via projections; a microphone for voice projection; and an LCD screen that can be used to either view the same content as projected throughout the room, or to project content from a laptop/device at the table.

The purpose of this Graduate Student Summer Program is to introduce graduate students to interactions between mathematics and climate science and build toward current research problems. The program will focus on both models and data and culminates in using data to parameterize models using data assimilation techniques. The program will last three weeks with both lectures and project and will have an interdisciplinary focus.

This summer graduate program is geared toward graduate students who have completed a year of graduate school (some background in analysis, differential equations, numerical analysis, and/or statistics is desirable). Preference will be given to students at the early stages of graduate study.